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The Green Fairy

Let your world be turned upside down by a little Absinthe. One shot and a sprinkle of Fairy Dust will take you on a psychedelic bohemian adventure.

In France, during La Belle Epoque, everyone knew the Green Fairy. All the great artists enjoyed Absinthe to inspire their creative work. Absinthe is still thought of as being very strong and hallucinogenic, when in fact it simply refers to a plant that is added to alcohol. While it won’t make you hallucinate, its bitter flavour meant it needed a little sugar added ceremonially for people to enjoy the drink. As Fairies, we prepare the Absinthe in front of people according to this traditional ceremony. Participants get a small shot glass with a tiny bit of Absinthe, then sugar and 80% water.

After the drink, the Green Fairies invite the participant to dance. A swirl of green glitter, everything a blur. Nothing quite seems the same as before.

This act is performed by two Green Fairies. As usual, we have lights in our large wings and we are fully mobile. We can provide Absinthe or you can provide your own.

At participants’ requests, we also provide “virgin Absinthe”. We take care of people’s individual wants, needs and abilities. 

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