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Dancefloor Confessions

We are here to listen to the secrets of your soul. With our little, mobile tent we invite everyone in (one at a time, for privacy!) to come and talk to the Counselors. Because who doesn’t have a dirty little secret? With the permission of the confessors, we write down their naughtiest desire or darkest secret to read out, anonymously, at a campfire (or other setting).

The Dancefloor Confessions performance was born out of our experience with Jessyfish. The intimacy of standing in our own little bubble leads people to talk freely about feelings, thoughts and experiences they have never shared with anyone before. Later, you can come to the campfire to hear that, actually, everyone has secrets. It also gives people the opportunity to see others react to their secret. Perhaps there is someone in there whose eyes light up at that exact combination of being tied up and tortured with whipped cream?

Like all our performances, we light up and we are fully mobile. We create a small safe space for people to talk freely to us. By expressing our own strangeness, we help people to open up about their own transgressions of social norms.

The only thing we need is a space to read out all the confessions - preferably a campfire. A microphone can help, if it’s expected to be big. If there is no suitable space we can publish the secrets on the event’s facebook page.
We bring our own Confessions Tent. 

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