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Dancefloor Confessions

Looking for captivating entertainment for your parties, festivals, or corporate events? Look no further! We are here to listen to the secrets of your soul with Dancefloor Confessions, our unique performance that brings secrets to light in a safe, intimate setting.

Step into our mobile tent, where confidentiality reigns supreme. One by one, guests share their deepest desires and darkest secrets with our Counselors. With their permission, these confessions are anonymously revealed at a campfire or any other suitable venue, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and connection.

Born from the success of Jessyfish, Dancefloor Confessions fosters open dialogue and genuine connections. Our fully mobile setup ensures we can bring this experience to any event, creating a safe space for self-expression and exploration.

All we need is a spot to share the confessions, ideally around a campfire. If space is limited, we can even publish the secrets on your event's Facebook page. So, are you ready to illuminate the hidden depths of human experience at your next event? Reach out to book our Confessions Tent now!

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