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Info & Rates

Most of our performances work best in the dark, as our costumes are light installations. If your event won’t be dark, that’s not necessarily a problem. Our costumes are pretty anyway and some have daylight alternatives - get in touch to discuss options & lighting conditions!

We need a dressing room with a mirror to get ready and to safely leave our things. We also need a place where we can set up our (large!) light installations and from where we can reach the dancefloor/area. If this isn’t possible at the location, please do let us know in advance so we can prepare.

We pride ourselves on our performers. For this reason, we work with professionals.  All our performers are kind and caring as part of their work; they can also be professional and strict with more challenging/drunk visitors. Of course, there are limits and unacceptable behaviour is reported to on-site security to protect our performers. Once more for the people in the back: we are so proud of all our performers!

Our rates start from €440 per performer, excl btw (VAT) and travel and starting from 2 performers. A performance typically lasts 3 hours but this can be adjusted to the needs at the event.

We offer discounted rates to charities and educational institutions, please get in touch to ask us about that.


Travel is €0,30 per km from 3035 TB. However, depending on the performers and how many, there might be additional cars or people travelling from different places. If driving time would exceed 4 hours, we start charging an hourly rate or request accommodation.

Drop us a message to check our availability and get a quote!

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