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Our Clowns are friendly, fun-loving circus folk. We play spekhappen (a traditional Dutch game of biting marshmallows off a string) and hand out balloons that light up. We have other game options (lollypoepen!),
most also fun for children. As a late night option for adults we offer balloon roulette, in which you don’t know if you’ll get helium or nitrous. This obviously depends on the event, what the organisers feel comfortable with
and the legal situation on site.

Our Clowns are very friendly and not usually considered scary.
Most variations of this act are fully mobile. If you have specific ideas for games, let us know!

What happens when the clowns hoop? (Flowcean x Jessyfish)

Flowcean and Jessyfish present a collaboration between clowning and LED hoop performances! An equally funny and mesmerising act, with hooping clowns. The 'real' hooping clown aims to teach her companion to do the same, but oh oh, she doesn't really seem to get it. This performance combines the beauty of a hula hoop performance with the fun of Jessyfish's mime-clowning act, resulting in an incredibly entertaining and interactive performance. Equally fun during the day or night, as when the lights go out, our hoops will shine instead ;) 

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