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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of event entertainment with our mesmerising performance featuring dancing bioluminescent jellyfish, affectionately known as Jessyfish. Picture two or more Jessyfish gracefully gliding through the festival grounds and delighting crowds with their luminescent umbrellas and intricately adorned costumes.

The surreal ambiance created by the Jessyfish adds a magical touch to any event, captivating audiences and providing an unforgettable experience. Dance beneath the twinkling lights as they illuminate the surroundings, casting a mesmerising glow that accentuates the beauty of glitter and UV face paint on attendees.

As fully mobile entertainers, we seamlessly interact with the festival crowd, spreading joy and lighting up the dance floor for everyone to enjoy. Our presence has become a beloved fixture at renowned venues like Thuishaven in Amsterdam, where we're fondly referred to as 'Thuishaven's Jellyfish'. Join the excitement and share your experience with us using the hashtag #kwalletjesvanthuishaven on Instagram!

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