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Cheshire Cat

This performance is based on Lewis Caroll's Cheshire Cat. With a group of cats we operate as one. We move through the crowd and one by one take people to Wonderland, into other dimensions. The Cat offers you a pill (a jellybean of course). One Pill Makes You Larger, One Pill Makes You Small... Which one do you choose to Feed Your Head? Take the pill and your world is turned upside-down. Literally ALL your senses are tickled, taste, touch, sight, smell, sound. Overwhelming, but don't worry, you are safe in the cats paws. Surrender and you will get the best experience. 

So what do we literally do? We can walk around anywhere at the event, but the dance floor is usually the best place for us. As cats, we don't speak, at least not with words. One cat walks around with a hat full of jelly beans. We offer people a jelly bean, one by one. As soon as the jelly bean is eaten all the cats come into action. Kaleidoscope glasses are put on so your world becomes extra trippy, the cats costumes have ears and tails that light up. You are tickled and massaged with nails, fluffy tails and nice smells. A moment to completely surrender and be spoilt by the cats in Wonderland. When we feel you are ready, the glasses come off and you are back to reality, the cats move on to the next person.

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